Kisu (Kiss)


Pegeen Shean

Kisu (Kiss)
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Kisu (Kiss)

Kisu original painting 36 5/8” X 40” Acrylic on canvas paper, 2009

Kazuo and Aiko drank the water from the stream in which the dew of the chrysanthemums had fallen; longevity was assured.

Holding hands they made their way back to the bench, the bench that only a few days prior, each sat reading unaware of the other. The sweet smell of flower blossoms filled the air, the grass seemed greener and the birds’ plumage more brilliant, quietly they sat, each secretly wishing this moment would last forever.

Kisu from Lares and Penates Series: Lares and Penates an on-going series of paintings based on cherished household items from friends, family, and orphaned items found in thrift shops.

Kisu/Lares and Penates Series ©2009

As Shown: $33.69
Paper: Enhanced Matte
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Frame: Wide Square Black
Size: 20.5" x 19.5"
Paper: Enhanced Matte
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annatheodora ::
December 17, 2009
this is so cute!

Pegeen ::
December 18, 2009
Thanks Anna!

rebekahjoyplett ::
October 22, 2010
Thank you for being a fan of my work. I really enjoy this piece. There is something fun about it and also something very intimate. Keep up the great work! RJP

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